Posted by: Sally | March 12, 2008

Asheville–writing a book in an old, cold house!


I can’t tell you in words how fun, precious, validating and emotionally affirming to have my own daughter be my own giggly best friend. I can’t tell you how very much I enjoy her company. She put me to bed last night with a gentle head rub and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. As I work on a book long dreamed about, but too much to do by myself, I knew that I would need Sarah’s help with some of the details of our own family traditions as I wrote the main sections and chapters. It is going to be a very long book–like educating the whole hearted child. But I needed help from one whom I consider the better writer. So we have found ourselves here, in Asheville, as we mentioned in our articles this week. But though our B&B is delightful and we have had absolutely wonderful breakfasts served to us in our room, we have found that this room in the shade, in the early morning hours is quite chilly and just a tiny bit too uncomfortable for writing. So, we turned our little gas fire-place to high and both donned scarves and a throw and wrapped in our cloaks, we both proceeded to write our hearts out. Just thought you would enjoy seeing the snuggling writers in all our glory–no make up-in frumpy, comfy clothes changing the world with our dreams, ideas, coffee, giggles, two computers and shawls! Pray for us to be inspired! Just one day left and we have to go face the real world of home, people, dogs, messes, hugs and kisses and meal times yet again! But in my heart, I will have one more precious memory of a crazy week of artists together playing at this creative work unified in harmony and sweet friendship and deep affection.

PS Lest you think we have suffered too much, we have had one great meal a day (pan fried trout with blackberry sauce last night! Dark Chocolate mousse, for desert) split of course so we can afford it!  and at least one hour of walking a day amongst old turn of the century houses, fields beginning to bloom with lilting daffodils and shops that beg us to come in. Also, necessary is a pot of tea sometime in the afternoon at some place of our choosing! Makes for more meaningful writing and productivity. I am indeed blessed.



  1. Oh joy! What a touching post. I, too, share a deep bond with my eldest daughter. She is away at university now (*sniff*) but your posting these past days coincided with her very recent Spring Break. It was SPLENDID to be together. Your books have encouraged me in the face of family rifts, personal challenges with my children’s needs, and running a business with my husband. We are kindreds and I APPRECIATE your honest and encouraging words SO MUCH! I can’t wait for your latest book. I have extra copies of your books that I have freely shared with other women, even those as far as Ukraine. It’s nice to know we are not alone. Write on, you kindred spirits. May you be blessed abundantly for sharing joyfully. : )

  2. Ahhh…how I wish, at times, I could be like a tree and make myself produce the season I want LOL! Right now, my season, is my three boys wanting to go out and play in the knee high snow. I long for my quiet times when the kids are a bit older and of the times I can reflect on Spring, the fruit of labor. Yet I am blessed in the season I am in, even though it may feel like Winter.

    Thank you for taking the time and sharing your heart and your sweet photos. I can’t say I would be as daring to show myself without makeup but you two look beautiful! I appreciate your heart so much that when I am feeling discouraged or tired I try to sneak some time online and catch up on your blogs. Your not all alone here in cyberspace.

    I thank the Lord for heading to his call in this ministry. Enjoy your last day and may it be the most inspired and memorable day of all!

  3. In the midst of tantrums and trials with my two year old daughter, I look forward and hope to one day have that same type of relationship with my sweet girl. I hope I can do it right, the way God leads, and end up with a close and loving relationship with her as you have with Sarah. The kind where she considers me a friend and Mom. 🙂

    I am looking forward to your next book. It sounds like it will be great!

  4. Only another mother could understand how absolutely wonderful your week (without dogs, messes, and small children) sounds! The thought of writing in an old, drafty cold house with my daughter/best friend, hot tea, and long rambling walks sounds like absolute heaven on earth! I’m so glad your week was a special one!

  5. Oh the two of you look (and sound) like you are having so much fun! What a beautiful relationship you share with your daughter! You inspire me to continue on in the path of parenting that we have chosen despite the immense persecution we sometimes receive from others for it. Standing on one’s own convictions can be a lonely place in adversity; looking to the beautiful results of someone else who has raised their children by the same convictions gives us so much hope and courage!

    Thank you for your books. I pray for special blessings as you finish this one! And thank you for sharing so candidly from your daily life. Each little bit is soul food to me – inspiring me to keep on despite how others choose to see us. God bless you!

  6. To Sally and Rebecca of the above comment,
    How refreshing to read about your wonderful week with your daughter, Sally, and the life long memories you’ve built. I have one beautiful daughter and already at the young age of nine she is a delight to be with and I love the spiritual awakening that is occuring in her as she is finally able to read the scriptures for herself. She has always been very verbal but until just lately she has struggled to read proficiently, so to see her basking in the best book ever and daily come up to me and tell me about something she’s read in her Bible brings such overwhelming joy to my heart!
    And I echo Rebecca’s beautiful words which touched me so. Just last night my wonderful husband received such a hurtful email from his father accusing us of ruining our children and killing their imaginations with all of our dark age beliefs and choices (those being christianity and home education). How I so needed to spend a few moments with you kindred spirits to remind me of the goal and prize that lays ahead of us! Thank you again and again!

  7. Oh the blessing of daughters. I am sad when I think many mothers don’t share that feeling. It is a wonderful gift to share friendship with your children alongside your role as parent. I am just within the last year or so seeing that the work of being Mom is giving way to the joy of being Friend. Thank you for sharing your excitement with us as it is a bright reminder to persevere and continue daily in the role of mother.

  8. I am thrilled that you are having a wonderful week. I can’t wait to see you in May. We’re back after 5 weeks of travels. I’ll be in touch soon…

  9. Wonderfully real!

    God bless you as you seek to bless and minister to mammas!

    Love, Carrie.

  10. I will look forward to yet another inspiring and encouraging book by you! Blessings as you spend time with your daughter. My own children are young now (3 under 6), but I long to have the kinds of relationships with my own children that you describe as having with yours (which will involve me getting off the computer now!). Ha!

  11. I’m returning your call:) And if we lived closer we’d have you over for dinner:) Be strengthened by His great love and compassion for you! Love you, Beth

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